Get to know Abigail!
(16yrs Old from Gladstone, MI)


Keepers Of The Crown

Abigail currently attends ​Escanaba Area High School where she plays Volleyball & has also numerously been on the Honor Roll, received the 2018 Track Most Valuable Player Award & 2017 Track Coach's Award, as well as the 2018 Volleyball Coach's Award, and won the My Hero Essay Award. 

​With Family being  what Abigail feels is most important to her, she sees her older sister to be her biggest role model due to her strength & kindness.

Abigail's biggest goal for her year as Miss Upper Peninsula Teen USA is to spread awareness of epilepsy, she, herself has learned from her personal experiences with having epilepsy & has become a Michigan Representative for passing the Seizure in Smart Schools Act which has a focus on making staff members in schools educated on how to react should a student have a seizure while at school.

Abby describes herself as thoughtful, determined, & corky & hopes to work throughout her year to help herself become a better empowered young woman & thus encourage others to do the same.​ Abby also feels it is important to look up to those who have strength in themselves, and even when the odds are against them, focus to stay on top.


Keepers of The Crown